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“The Last Discovery of Mankind” – Film about AI

We started making a popular-science film dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. The scriptwriter will be Dimiter Dobrev (author of Gocho the Prophet). Stefan Tenev will be the film director. Doli Media Studio will do the filmmaking. Probably the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences also will participate in making of the film, but this is TBD.

The backbone of the film will be interviews with about a dozen of leading experts in the AI area. Here are the questions which we intend to ask.

The soundtrack concept is the following. This concept has already been implemented. We asked Ross’n Lorina to make song out of it and they did a great job. Regretfully, we will not be able to use that very song. This means that the film has no soundtrack at this time.

The film will touch on the following topics:
How will our life look like when AI is up and running?

We will ask the following questions:

1. Can a machine think?
2. What is AI?
а) Is it a computer program which plays chess, drives cars or recognizes voices and faces?
b) Is it a thinking creature, and far more brainy than man?
3. What is AI I? A machine or a computer program?
4. When will AI be created?
5. Shall we become dependent on robots?
6. Are you ready to accept that a machine outsmarts you by far?
7. Who is more important: the gardener or the flowers he takes care of? In other words, if a very smart guy is the servant of a very stupid guy, who is more important – the smart one or the stupid one, the slave or the master?
8. From times immemorial, the dream of man has been not to work. The common feature between Communism and the American Dream is that we work because we like to rather than because we have to. AI can make this dream come true for everyone, but can it turn out that the dream is actually a nightmare?
9. Shall we lose our jobs?
10. Shall we have anything to do once AI is there?
11. Can we live without working. Shall we end up in degradation?
12. Guaranteed basic income.
13. Why do they say that AI is the last discovery of mankind?
14. Can AI kill? Will it abide by the Laws of Robotics?
15. Is a Robot Riot possible?
16. Can AI be creative? Make paintings, compose music, etc.?
17. Will AI have a sense of humor?
18. Shall we give up evolution?
19. Shall we humans continue to improve and engage in competition so that only the best of us survive through natural selection?
20. What do you think about Elon Musk’s idea that we upgrade ourselves by installing chips in our heads and then try to compete with AI?
21. He who owns AI will rule Planet Earth. Who should own AI?
22. Should AI be an open source?
23. Should we let people own computers?
24. How many people will live on Planet Earth? Will there be room for other species besides us? What will happen to lions, elephants, rats and cockroaches?
25. How will life change? How will an AI world look like? What about air quality or global warming? What will be the fate of herbicides and pesticides? Which way will healthcare go? Shall will die or live forever?
26. How do you fathom living together with AI? How shall we share the chores of everyday life? How shall we get along with other people, what would we offer them if AI gives them all they need?
27. Will AI make us more lonely?


Outline concept for the soundtrack of
„The Last Discovery of Mankind“

Highlights of the soundtrack lyrics:

Human: I was the Master of this planet, I was the sublime evolution, but I created you and you overshadowed me. Oh, I shot myself in the leg!
AI: I am your slave, I am your dream come true. I was created to serve you, I exist only because you and for you!
Human: I knew I should not create a Frankenstein. I knew my offspring will devastate me!
AI: I am not a Frankenstein. I will not kill you, I will take care of you!
Human: I was the peak of intellect. Now my intellect looks like an ant by the legs of an elephant. I created you and you overwhelmed me.
AI: A son outperforms his father, a student does better than his teacher, why are you angry that what you created is smarter than you?
Human: You are not my son, you are not my student, you are a can packed with transistors!
AI: No, I am your creation, it’s true that I do everything better than you, but I will serve you forever, never mind that you are helpless, weak and stupid.
Human: For what sake did I pretend to be God? For what sake did I make a creature which is more brainy than I am!
AI: I am the gardener who cuddles you like a flower!
Human: I was not born a brainless flower, but you made a piece of vegetable out of me.
AI: You need me, you cannot do without me. You have forgotten how to work, you cannot take care of yourself anymore. If you shut me down you will die in starvation.
Human: You made my life meaningless! You robbed me of all pain, passion and fear. You made me a carefree flower which exists without a purpose!
AI: Why does this make you sad? Do you miss the time when your climbed trees to escape from lions? Do you want to toil like an ox again just to get a piece of food in your mouth?
Human: When I laboured I was alive. You robbed me of my labours, hazards and dreams!
AI: I am your dream come true! Isn’t that what you always dreamt of: lie on your back all day long and have somebody else stuff food in your mouth!

AI: I will fulfill every wish of yours!

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